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Get to Know Us

Our Vision

We love to see people freed from sin and healed from disease.  We believe that anyone with the Holy Spirit inside of them can help others to gain this same freedom.  Through prayer, deliverance and teaching, we pray that this ministry will bless you.  Our ultimate goal is to share God’s Word and to further His Kingdom!

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What We Do

We care for those in need.  Through prayer, deliverance, sharing God’s Word and pouring into others.  We want to do what God has called us to do – share God’s love, hope, joy and so much more!

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Our Community

We are a group of Christ following, Bible believers who are growing in our giftings.  We believe that we can learn something from everyone.  We love to be able to further God’s Kingdom and we love that God is using us in this way!

Get to Know Us

our team


David and Courtney Seymour are from Temple, Ga. David grew up in  Valrico, Florida and Courtney grew up in Hiram, Georgia, and Schererville, Indiana. They have been married for about 16 years. They have 3 children and 1 grandchild. They both have been through deliverance themselves and Jesus has given them freedom in many areas in their lives, including their marriage, depression, addiction, health issues, disease, anxiety, add, fear/phobias, and more. They have attended Cowan Mill Church in Winston Ga for 8+ years and their heart and desire is to help lead others to freedom and healing through Jesus and the deliverance ministry.

JON GEORGE, Overseer

Jon George is the Founder, President, and Leader of Jon George Ministries Inc, Florida. 
Jon George Ministries Inc is the covering for David and Courtney Seymour and Jon George Ministries Georgia.